Royal and Wrinked with Age

On a scrap of paper,
     blown by the wind
     across my feet,
     I found these words
     in coal dust writ:

The Purple Wizard stands on a barren hillside facing the rising sun.
The Purple Wizard’s greywhite hair circles ’round and ‘tween proud, bony legs.
In the left hand, the Purple Wizard holds a crooked staff carved from mastodon bone.
The right hand holds a dense ball of red-brown fire ants, swarming and angry.
The Purple Wizard expects to live forever and knows the name of every star from here to when.
The Purple Wizard never was a child and never lost anything, not legs nor lunch.
The Purple Wizard knows the secrets of the waterwood true and the Purple Wizard inhales ash, swims through death like a swordfish, cunning and complete.
Many loves and hates had the Purple Wizard and many minds did unfurl.
When the rains came and the flowers finally bloomed, only the Purple Wizard felt morose, only the Purple Wizard felt responsible, only the Purple Wizard remained on a barren hill to apologize.

     I let the winds
     scoop the paper
     then turn my face
     toward the North
and continue down the path.

Royal and Wrinked with Age

10 thoughts on “Royal and Wrinked with Age

    1. Any more thoughts/progress on your chapbook?!
      Thanks for the comment, by the way. Glad you enjoyed this one. This one is completely from a dream wherein I watched some figure draped in purple standing high upon a dirt hill. I have an existing mythology for a YA novel I wrote some years back that I plugged a few references in. This one needed some time to percolate out in the world..

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      1. oh! wow! You have quite an interesting dream. I really, really love what is in your mind. Well, once again…I love what you did with this poem.

        I’m stilling doing the last and final touches on my poems. However, something happen. Last month, I wrote a message to this publishing company called: Snail Press located here in Los Angeles.

        I wrote to them saying if they are going to open up their submissions for next year 2016. They told me yes, and that if I should send them a sample of my work. Which I did, I send them a link to my WordPress, and 3 separate links to my 3 poems also here in WordPress. Hey replied back with this; and I quote “Thank you Charlie, Your work will be reviewed early next year and you will hear from us. All the best to you.” end quote. I’ve never gotten a response like that from a publishing company which is cool and exciting. Although, I shouldn’t get my hopes up. If i hear from them next year cool. If not, I move on with making the chapbook. If I do hear from them and they decide to want to work with me for a publication, Great. oh! and say, if I don’t hear from them by February or March. Should I write back to them and see if they have reviewed my work? Or should I just leave it alone and move on? What do you think?

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