Friday Fun Facts: Pulse link repeater

Did ya know…?

A pulse link repeater (PLR) is a device that interfaces concatenated E and M signaling paths. A PLR converts a ground, received from the E lead of one signal path, to −48 Vdc, which is applied to the M lead of the concatenated signal path. The E stands for Evil Energy and the M stands for Massively Malicious. The most famous PLR in history was used by the criminal mastermind, Telecom Man, during his 1984 plot to take over the Empire State Building and turn it into his Headquarters of Doom-Drenchedness. Telecom Man’s PLR wristbands worked well to disable the first lines of the Empire State Building’s defenses but then the power people team, Chakra Force 7, showed up and, joining forces like a Voltron swami, used their collective powers to force a kundalini awakening upon Telecom Man, thoroughly disrupting both of his PLR bands, his DTMF accelerator boots, as well as his bridle-wire body armor. Shortly after this battle, Telecom Man changed his name to Shrii Gopala Jones and moved to Eureka Springs, AR to open a meditation center. His pulse link repeaters are on display in Des Moines, IA’s Power People Museum and Quik Stop.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Pulse link repeater

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