One Month In the Studio


I often get nauseous when I pause to consider how fast time passes. How fast it marches on. Instead of casually meandering along time’s arrow, I often feel like I’m falling into the chomping, salivating mouth of the future. My stomach drops out from under me and I flail about trying to slow my descent. Is that normal? When you give time’s passing your full attention does it pass similarily for you? Or do you feel you’re opening the door to the future’s Thanksgiving dinner where you’re welcomed with open arms and a slice of pie? Mmmm…pie.

Today, my head is somewhere around the beginning of July, 2015. I’m just waking up, expecting a blast furnace to greet me should I venture outside so instead staying inside to check e-mail and finding therein a message from the Charlotte Street Foundation that says “Come To The Residency” and I’m reminded of…

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One Month In the Studio

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