Friday Fun Facts: Ichime Glacier

Did ya know…?

Ichime Glacier is a glacier flowing to the sea just west of Kasumi Rock in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. It was mapped from surveys and air photos by members of the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition, 1957–1962. The glacier is named due to the dermatological irritation it invokes in human beings that stand near it. Those first discovering the glacier came down with such severe instances of itchy skin that they had to be airlifted from the continent and soaked in coconut oil and epsom salts before their condition subsided. Ichime Glacier is only known to irriate human skin. Penguins, elephants seals, and aliens who’ve crashed into Antarctica seem to have no issue being in the vicinity of the icy itchfest. Special anti-itch suits were developed in 1986 by Karl Lagerfeld, providing both form, function, and fashion for those scientists studying Ichime Glacier.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Ichime Glacier

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