Breaking the Cycle of Refrigeration

I no longer depend on air conditioning,
     preferring instead to suffer
     inside the sweltering interior
     of my 2003 Hyundai, windows rolled up,
     sun blasting my chest through the windshield,
     so stuffy, impossible to breath
     with this sweat-soaked collar around my neck.
I cannot take the cool air against my steaming, pale skin.
I’d rather melt into a puddle of goop,
     and spill all over the grey upholstery,
     than turn on the cold, forced air,
     than let that chill, freonic breeze
     make its way over my thin, brittle arms
     and shiny, perspiring forehead.
No, I’d rather turn liquid, turn liquid and drown into myself,
     all the while staring straight into that sky-born
     ball of gas thinking of some relief besides a/c,
     thinking of you.

Breaking the Cycle of Refrigeration

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