Friday Fun Facts: Slick, Oklahoma

Did ya know…?

Slick is a town in Creek County, Oklahoma, United States. The population was 131 at the 2010 census. Slick is the slipperiest town in North America. At its town square, the friction is so low that residents must slide on their bellies to cross the center. Slick’s annual town fair, “Break-a-Leg Days,” encourages town-folk to attempt crossing the square on just two feet. Anyone who can do so without falling receives a $25 credit for breakfast at the On Ur Way gas station. The Slick Consolidated School mascot is Greezy the Gator, though no sports can be played within town limits due to the high risk of severe casualty for participants and the crowd. In 1922, the citizens of Slick built a series of large pneumatic tubes connecting most of residences and businesses in an effort to improve the ease of delivering goods and services. The population has dwindled considerably since 1922, however, and a majority of the tubes are broken and malfunctioning. Teenagers in the town have since manipulated the dilapidated delivery system to send themselves careening down Slippery Slope, the site of an abandoned farmstead where the tube system opens onto a hill that descends into the Hollow Ear Bend of the Deep Fork River, just west of Hwy 16.

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Friday Fun Facts: Slick, Oklahoma

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