Quote Challenge Day Three

Nominated. Thanks, Sheen.

Rules: For 3 consecutive days, write a poem related to a quote you dig. Nominate three WP bloggers whom you’d like to do the same. Touch yourself. (OK, I added that rule.)

I am cheating a bit. Two quote #3s:

Said baby boy you only funky as your last cut, you focus on the past your ass’ll be a has what.
-Andre 3000, Outkast

… because without beer, things do not seem to go as well…
-Diary of Brother Epp, Capuchin monastery, Munjor Kansas 1902


And there are years
     of porter beers
Stretching out far, far ahead
     for everyone but you

Drinking one now
     tastes like a burly hug
After a far-too-short
     reunion of friends

Those porter beers
     lined up in pint glasses
Like divided lines on the highway
     leading us, compelling us forward

Now we have no interest in that road
But the next town beckons
The next beer awaits

We take that glass, brimming,
Brimming with bouquet and potential palate
We drain it – we must
We drain the glass and move on to the next
Perhaps pausing to piss by the side of the road
But never failing to move to the next
String of empty pint glasses behind us

Sunlight pings each one in a slightly
     different way
The effect is a prism though a prism
     through a prism
An ever-fractured infinity behind us

And here we break for consideration
For we’ve often viewed the line of empties in our wake
But never at such a moment as this
Never with the light positioned just so right
Never with such a long, flat expanse to survey
     stretched out like Amarillo, Texas on a mid-July afternoon –
     cellophane haze on the horizon

What –

What if –

What if we take the beer before us –

What if we take the beer before us and pour it –

What if we take the beer before us and pour it into the empty glass behind us ever so slowly, ever so carefully, a minimum head, not a drop on the pavement, fill it to the tip top?

And take one step back?

And what if we take the newly-filled empty and instead of drinking (ah, yes – so, so tempting) we use it to fill yet another drained vessel?

And what if we did that so long and so often…

And what if?
I am cheating a bit more. Two nominees #3: https://lmjones01.wordpress.com/ & https://tshombeisms.wordpress.com/

Quote Challenge Day Three

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