Quote Challenge Day Two

Nominated. Thanks, Sheen.

Rules: For 3 consecutive days, write a poem related to a quote you dig. Nominate three WP bloggers whom you’d like to do the same. Touch yourself. (OK, I added that rule.)

Quote #2: What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
-Willy Shakes – R & J

A master once said,
“We must have a THING
to which we can attach
our notions.”

And the students replied,
“It is true
and it is good
what the master advises.

We must suck the ether
from the ethereal
and teach the metaphysical
by way of the physical.”

The master said,
“It is the only way
and it is good.”

Yet some students thought
to challenge
the master.

“But, master,
how will
our work last
if the people think
we speak of roses
when we truly speak
of death?”

The master smiled,
“When you know this,
you will be a master.”

The master’s head tilted
upward to the heavens.

“Do not speak of roses
when you mean
to speak of death.
Speak of only roses.
If there is death
in your intent, then
you speak of death
instead of roses.
This is not a paradox.”
Nominee #2: http://listentothebabe.com/

Quote Challenge Day Two

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