View from the Top

I once made gloves from multi-colored Post-It notes
And wrapped them tight around my hands, sticky-side out
Then one steamy, sun-streaked day I scaled my office building
Sticky hand over sticky hand to the flat roof atop the 57th floor

The skyline before me stood steel and serenely though I think
I expected a bit more attention for my inspired extremism
Instead all I got were sideways glances, quickly-emptied break-rooms,
And a memo from my boss asking me to consider taking some leave

View from the Top

14 thoughts on “View from the Top

    1. Thanks for your thoughts and your eyes and your time and especially your fingers for typing out those words above and your nerves that carried signals (thanks for your signals) from your brain (definitely thanks for your brain) to those fingers.

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    1. That is good to hear! My art takes that love and stores it in a golden locket to wear around its neck. The locket dangles long, dropping just in front of my art’s emotional center, the Poesic Cardiobellum, which uses the love inside that golden locket to feed my art. This is to say, thank you.

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