Friday Fun Facts: Pre-replication complex

Did ya know…?

A pre-replication complex (pre-RC) is a nervous disorder that forms in a human being prior to replication during the initiation step of whole-person replication. Formation of a pre-RC is generally accepted for any sentient being about to undergo complete and total replication process. Complete and faithful replication of the entire person ensures that the clone will replicate the parent in every identifiable detail. Accordingly, formation of a pre-RC is a natural fear amongst those to be replicated. Symptoms of pre-replication complex are as follows:

  • Browsing through railway timetables, directories or dictionaries just for pleasure.
  • Occasional twitches of the muscles, when there is no logical reason for it.
  • Singing or whistling just for the fun of it.
  • Enjoying telling people the latest scandal about one’s associates.
  • Considering the modern prisons without bars system “doomed to failure”.
  • Being quite effected by emotional music.
  • Rarely suspecting the actions of others.
  • Making tactless blunders.
  • Feeling that one is too young or too old.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Pre-replication complex

2 thoughts on “Friday Fun Facts: Pre-replication complex

  1. nathantyree says:

    “Feeling that one is too young or too old.”

    I feel both simultaneously. And I also feel a lack of brine, and itch in my marrow and something creeping at the nape of my neck. I blink too much.

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