Friday Fun Facts: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Did ya know…?

Antigonish is a Canadian town in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia. It is approximately one hundred miles (161 km) northeast of Halifax.

Antigonish has quite a colored history. The townsfolks wanted a respectable burial for their brother town, Polynicesish (which was destroyed when quarreling with neighboring town Eteocleish). Everyone in Nova Scotia spat on Polynicesish, called it a traitor to good, old-fashioned, Nova Scotian vaules, and the leader town of Creonish outlawed mourning Polynicesish’s destruction. The peoples of Antigonish decided to clear the rubble of Polynicesish anyway and then had to roll up to Creonish to ‘splain themselves. The Antigonishians told the leaders of Creonish, “Tough titties. We knew your rule. We broke your rule. We were following the rules of the gods, not those of some putzes in Nova Scotia. Your rule can suck it.” The leaders of Creonish didn’t take kindly to that, you can bet yer ass. They built a dome around Antigonish and said, “No you all can suck it.” The moral of this history lesson is that while the gods’ rules certainly trump those of mortal putzes, the gods are not very expedient builders.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

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