Mothgirl Files For Divorce

With wings like dirty sheets
     she flutters into her attorney’s office,
     flits about the boxy room,
     bemoans the bright lights sure to burn
     her to death should she linger too long.

Those West Virginia days,
     lush and unforgiving,
     bled into red-eyed nights.
How they terrified the neighbors,
     scared the teens that used to make kissies
     under the Silver Bridge.

“I’m just so tired,” she sputters.
“It’s got to stop,” she spits.
“It’s not worth it,” she stammers.
“What have we done?!” she screams.

For a moment then, she settles.
Poises high in a corner of the room,
     wings folded, breath shallow,
     alert for anything that moves.

Mothgirl Files For Divorce

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