Raining, as I write.
Gray-gauze sky loosening
     tearful ticks of time
     that threaten to drown me.

Drops fall…
               along a well-trod path.

this rainy day.

This rainy day is not like life or as life
     but is life, the thing itself.
The thing that breathes, pumps,
     moves, whirls, waves, eats, sleeps,
     creates, destroys.

Fit for a blanket and a novel.
Fit for a fire and a cat
     purring in your lap.
Fit for staying in bed.

Again the gray-gauze reminder:
     how often life clouds, is cloudy and clouded,
     for those who’ve never walked
     without an umbrella.

A rainy day –
     thinking about drops
               fall and drops
                    to fall and drops
                         already fallen.

The rain persists.


Listen of the Week: Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

The Traveling Kind by Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

Bless you, Emmylou.

“We embrace our age,” says Mr. Crowell. “And we’re old friends. ‘La Danse de la Joie’ is the narrative of that. A couple of old people dancing—OK, we may be broken down but we got this, come on!”

Listen of the Week: Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell


Too quickly we breathe, decided to separate natural
     from not.
Breathe then, slowly now, and listen:
     no thing there is, that is not natural;
     no La-Z-Boy, guided missile, fruit-flavored drink, vehicle exhaust,
     no thing,
     no idea, no direction, no inclination, no lab-born object of eternity,
     no thing soaking up the sun,
     no thing drifting behind closed eyes,
     no thing is, that is not naturally
     expanding effortlessly to express its existence,
     squeezing out the super-, the un- the is-not, the must-not, can-not, shall-not.

There, ghost of a punctured lover!
Nature provided.
Here, fever dream of machine elves!
Nature given.

Nature is.
Breathe deep,          breathe confident.
Slowly in,          slowly out.
     are Nature.
     are Nature.
All of this
     and God
     are Nature.

So breathe
     slow,          golden,          confidence.


Friday Fun Facts: Nagaichthys filipes

Did ya know…?

Nagaichthys filipes is a species of spineless eel native to Indonesia and Malaysia. This species grows to a length of 3.1 centimetres. This species is the only known member of its genus. This species is so alone. So alone and spineless. So without a backbone so alone. So all by itself, it don’t want to be by itself anymore, down in the basement drawing puppies getting kicked in the junk by skinny, white guys in leather jackets. So alone. So goddamn alone. Existing without a spine. Alone there in Indonesia and Malaysia – how is that possible? Coward, cowardly Nagaichthys filipes. Stay in your basement, headphones on, listening to Black Tape for Blue Girl, alone, spineless, wanting only a cheeseburger, some fries, and a buddy with whom to watch Dark Angel reruns.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Nagaichthys filipes


A tree grips tight a hilltop
     patched with browned grass and yellow clover.
Limbs clutch up at palsied angles.
Roots break from a dirty prison
     in small, gnarled humps; serpents moving at a pace
     too slow for most to care about.

O, but for those exponential branches!

     leads to three
          leads to twelve
     to fifty million
thousand      and

And while the white wind coaxes for weeks on end,
     new branches grow
     from most unexpected places.

No discernible pattern,
save up, out,

And if the sun would shine
     from dusk to dawn…
And if the sun would shine
     from dusk to dawn…
We might see:

A nickel-plated beetle,
     exploring an exponential explosion
     on a day when thereon sprouts a new bud.
Left alone, the infant needs to reach upwards
                         and beyond, little beggar,
but the beetle, too, has needs.

One thing
or the other
carries on.

Every branch dependent upon a trunk.

Every beetle dependent upon a branch.

Trees grow.
Beetles grow.
In our bellies, brains, and blood
each of us ferry the dead
     into the unknown –
          such is our infinity.

Meanwhile, this mote continues to be:
          sun, hills, beetles, trees.



Let us start with a mote:

Simple singularity
infinitely dense,
heavy pixel.

A mote we never knew
yet a mote containing all.

this textured paper,
this word sublime –
this muted mote.

this breath
and this breath –
this monist
monastic mote.

but what does it crave?
If it is all –
and everything –
and is Is?

You and I
this minute mote.

An instinct to warm,
this mote contemplates
death by volition.

An instinct to move,
this mote mobilizes;
so birth is born.

An instinct to grow,
this mote matures,
nevermore still.

An instinct to act,
this mote memorizes
every line to come.

In the time before time
the mote cries out:

A mirror!

A way to express
all it contains,
all it knows
itself to be.

The mote whimpers,
thinks about
no things,
then shudders.

In a cold, tight, blank room
the mote shudders.

The mote shudders a rippled reclamation of to be.

The mote shudders, frightened by the possibilities of existences.

Possibilities of

The mote desires wisdom,
a knowledge of what will relate,
viral machinations
and constant iterations.

The mote shudders
with the impossibility
of responsibility
for everything, itself.

The mote shudders!

Everything becomes.

Everything IS
          and swirl
               and expansion
                    and collision
                         and collusion
                              and coalescing actuality.

Time hiccups to a start,
trips head over heels into an enervated march onward and forever ever onward.

The mote relaxes,
lets go,
shudders no more.


Listen of the Week: My Morning Jacket

The Waterfall by My Morning Jacket

Rather like Neil Young (whose influence is deeply rooted within their sound) My Morning Jacket have always embraced two distinct styles – soft, harmony inflected acoustic balladry and epic, ragged guitar psychedelia. But while the Canadian maestro has generally recorded full albums in entirely one style or the other (think Harvest Moon and Ragged Glory for example, although Rust Never Sleeps is the exception that proves the rule) James’s men have typically preferred to offer up a mixture of both in the same collection and The Waterfall by and large follows this tried and tested pattern.

Listen of the Week: My Morning Jacket

Friday Fun Facts: DebConf

Did ya know…?

DebConf is the yearly conference where ladies (and/or gents) named Deborah, Debbie, Deb, Debora, Debby, Debra, and the like meet to discuss further development of their names.

Besides the scheduled workshops and talks*, DebConf attendees take the opportunity to hack the root name Deborah in a more informal setting. Last year resulted in Devorah, Debrah, Debbruh, and Dehbee. This has been institutionalized by introducing DebCamp in the Atlanta DebConf in 2010: a room is set aside and all permutations of Deborah are tweaked.

*Partial list of past DebConf workshops and talks:

Deborah 101 – A Practical Look
Complex Tools of Deborah Mining
Lifewalk: The Deborah’s Journey
Recipes For Becoming a Top Deborah
Fully Deborah, Fully Divine
Positive Reinforcements For the Deborahs in Your Life
4 Debs on Deborah: Debbing the Deb To Deb the Most Deborah Deb
Mastering your Deb: The Powerful Deborah Within You


…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: DebConf

April was the cruelest month

A poem a day is exhausting.
Happy to return to my lack of regularly-scheduled programming.
To that end, here is a photo of a yummy beer I drank to further disrupt any schedules still lurking about:
That bit of glowing light in the bottom is a fairy. Gives the beer that extra bit of Oomph! They taste like lemon chicken.

April was the cruelest month