Too quickly we breathe, decided to separate natural
     from not.
Breathe then, slowly now, and listen:
     no thing there is, that is not natural;
     no La-Z-Boy, guided missile, fruit-flavored drink, vehicle exhaust,
     no thing,
     no idea, no direction, no inclination, no lab-born object of eternity,
     no thing soaking up the sun,
     no thing drifting behind closed eyes,
     no thing is, that is not naturally
     expanding effortlessly to express its existence,
     squeezing out the super-, the un- the is-not, the must-not, can-not, shall-not.

There, ghost of a punctured lover!
Nature provided.
Here, fever dream of machine elves!
Nature given.

Nature is.
Breathe deep,          breathe confident.
Slowly in,          slowly out.
     are Nature.
     are Nature.
All of this
     and God
     are Nature.

So breathe
     slow,          golden,          confidence.


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