Friday Fun Facts: Nagaichthys filipes

Did ya know…?

Nagaichthys filipes is a species of spineless eel native to Indonesia and Malaysia. This species grows to a length of 3.1 centimetres. This species is the only known member of its genus. This species is so alone. So alone and spineless. So without a backbone so alone. So all by itself, it don’t want to be by itself anymore, down in the basement drawing puppies getting kicked in the junk by skinny, white guys in leather jackets. So alone. So goddamn alone. Existing without a spine. Alone there in Indonesia and Malaysia – how is that possible? Coward, cowardly Nagaichthys filipes. Stay in your basement, headphones on, listening to Black Tape for Blue Girl, alone, spineless, wanting only a cheeseburger, some fries, and a buddy with whom to watch Dark Angel reruns.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Nagaichthys filipes

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