S&P 26

Have I got a word for you!
A true, Merriam-Webster, polysyllabic, phonetically-rendered word.
For you.
But I ain’t gonna give it to you, no,
I ain’t gonna give it to you.
What I will do instead
is quietly lay this word
upon your head.
So that this word proscribes you.
Drives you.
Comprises and outlines you.
Now you cannot think about yourself without that word right there.
The word, that word, my word you need!
Don’t forget to pay my fee!

Oh, but now you’ve got a word for me!
But I don’t care, no,
I never have a care.
For I control the flow of that word, too.
Its ups, downs,
travels and trials,
whirls and whiles.
Since you can’t afford the toll,
though you think
language a river in the wild:
foaming, meandering, rushing,
winding, raging, lazing –
I must remind you:
language is a commodity, forever on the market.

Was never yours to begin with.

All the shares spoken for so don’t expect a vote.

Yes, I already own the As through Zs.
Bought ’em long ago, from traders overseas.

Now you’re so frustrated
but I can change your mind,
with a string of letters in a line,
held together by a rhyme.

you think it otherwise
and decide
to express some discontent,
or voice an intent,
remember remember
remember remember
remember remember
the words are not your own.

S&P 26

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