I’ve always depended on the kindness of bloggers

Have got a few shout-outs of late by folks enjoying the silliness here at DB so want to do a super-post thanking these writers, answering their questions, and giving some shout-outs to some bloggers I verily dig upon.

So, first off, some thanks to the following for being readers and taking time out of your day to mention so on your sites:





Now to answer your questions:

7 facts about jdoublep (for imbonny.com):
1) jdoublep has bones
2) jdoublep worships avocados
3) jdoublep is a cyborg (fact!)
4) jdoublep is you and you are jdoublep (another fact!)
5) jdoublep never fact-checks himself
6) jdoublep saw Bigfoot when he was 5
7) jdoublep sings a mean lounge version of ‘The Humpty Dance’

Random 7 questions (arttherapygirl.wordpress.com):
1) Besides blogging, what do you do in your ‘spare’ time?
I have a 7 and and 8-year-old at home. Any spare time I have is devoted to them and my bad-ass wife.

2) When life throws you lemons and you couldn’t give two hoots about trying to make lemonade, what do you do?
I throw those fucking lemons at a squirrel and tell that squirrel, “Suck on those fucking lemons, squirrel!”

3) What is your favorite genre/ style of music and why?
Old-school rap. Because old-school rappers know how to rap. I also love Prince and hope to be him when I grow up.

4) If you had to choose a famous painting that would best depict your life or your personality, which would it be?
“L.H.O.O.Q.” — Marcel Duchamp

5) If you had to choose financial security or true love, which would it be and why?
Probably security. Cause there ain’t no romance without finance, beeeeleiiiiive you me.

6)If soul mates exist, can a person have more than one soul mate?
We’re all the same soul. I’m a mate to everything.

7) Which came first; the chicken or the egg?

Love in 10 sentences (www.loveyourselfagain.com):
Love is a corrupt senator.
I love you all.
Dogs love sniffing bootyholes.
All I love you.
Love is gonna get’cha.
Love I you all.
Money Your Love rocked.
I all you love.
Mad love for toilets.
You I all love.

7 more answers (sapphiellie.wordpress.com):
1) Where do most visits to your blog come from?
Any country needing information on Chunky A’s whereabouts.

2) What is your favourite sport?
Mountain biking. Extreme poetics.

3) What has been a special moment for you in 2014?
Every breath is universe unto itself. Our entire existence is nothing but an infinite series of special moments. It is very easy to forget this.

4) What is your favourite quote?
“I met a gypsy and she hipped me to some life game
To stimulate then activate the left and right brain
Said baby boy you only funky as your last cut
You focus on the past your ass’ll be a has what.” – Andre 3000

5) What was your favourite class when still at school?
All but math.

6) Anything you wished to have learned earlier?
Fear is the mindkiller.

7) What musical instrument have you tried to play?
Piano, guitar, drums, drum machine, synths, vibes, harmonica, pots, pans, trumpet. I suck at them all. Though I did have some luck a few years back with a synth app: https://soundcloud.com/isyouisorisyouaint

Now, shout-outs to other blogs I think you’ll dig on:


Go read their stuff. Thanks for reading my stuff. Thanks for stuffing my reads.

I’ve always depended on the kindness of bloggers

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