Friday Fun Facts: Elephants

Did ya know…?

Elephants (the “h” is silent) are large pants worn to lift their wearer up to hard-to-reach spaces. Invented by Archimedes Jones in 1944, elephants are pant made from a collapsible and nearly infinitely stretchable polymer blend wool and taffy known as waffy. Early on, elephants were worn to efficiently move people or goods between floors (levels, decks) of buildings, vessels, or other structures. Elephants have since replaced ladders as the preferred method of elevating oneself. Worn by window cleaners, utility repair workers, fire rescue personnel, and bored teenagers, elephants truly are a miracle of the modern age.

In the mid-90s, with the rise of extreme sports, the game of X-chicken began to gain a foothold. In X-chicken, teams of two face off, one team member wearing elephants (the “base”) and the other team member sitting on the base’s shoulders with an over-sized pugil stick (the “wacker”). The bases then engage their elephants to a pre-determined level (anywhere from 3 to 300 stories) and each team attempts to topple the other. Today, over 90 countries have competition X-chicken teams.

Archimedes’ granddaughter, Socriti Evans (married to billionaire stapler magnate, Leaven Evans), carries on the family tradition of producing and distributing elephants from Archimedes’ original factory in Alameda, CA.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: Elephants

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