Friday Fun Facts: (35399) 1997 YQ1

Did ya know…?

(35399) 1997 YQ1 is a main-belt minor planet. Also known as “Lil’ Jimmy”, (35399) 1997 YQ1 was discovered by the Chinese in 1997. (35399) 1997 YQ1 is also a black-belt minor planet and is known to the other minor planets to be quite an asshole. In fact, a coalition formed about 30 million years ago by the minor planets (35269 Idefix) 1996 QC1, (35634) 1998 KS32, and (35087 von Sydow) 1990 UE5 to discipline (35399) 1997 YQ1’s for its terrible attitude. Unfortunately, there’s been no reported changes in (35399) 1997 YQ1’s behavior and the minor plants still find themselves occasionally falling victim to a surprise Eagle Strike to the equator.

…So now ya know!

Friday Fun Facts: (35399) 1997 YQ1

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