Who DB is and why DB is here

For those who are new to Devious Bloggery: let’s take a minute, just sit right there, while I tell you how it became the prince of a town called Bel-Air.

What is Devious Bloggery?
In short: it’s a dumping ground for the absurd, a refuge from the workaday. Here is a brief history of how Devious Bloggery came to be (complete with broken links!):



Why should anyone read this blog?
Why should anyone read anything? To learn, to laugh, to troll, to escape, to dance with devils in pale moon light.

Why is this blog public, rather than private?
Devious Bloggery is haven for goofy shizz. And that’s about that. If I could achieve that goal by sending you all hand-crafted carrier pelicans, I would do that instead.

What topics will I find addressed by Devious Bloggery?
In no particular order: films, literature, music, politics, my kids, art, food, philosophy, life, the universe, and everything.

With whom does Devious Bloggery hope to connect?
The ghost of Terence McKenna. If anyone can make that happen…

Really, though, DB hopes to connect with you, with you (yes, the one in the purple shirt), with you, you, and maybe you – although you’re wearing a “Bush in ’04” trucker cap I’ll assume for now you’re being ironic.

Who DB is and why DB is here

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