My sweater is on backwards and inside out

That is what’s different about hearing Alanis Morissette on The Trip to Italy. No one in their right mind would think You Oughta Know is the perfect artistic (or commercial) accompaniment to a comedy about two middle-aged men driving round Italy. It’s not there to summon an emotion, or create a mood of foreboding, or signify how cool our heroes are. It’s played for the same reason so much of our car music is played: that’s the disc that’s in the car, so that’s what we’re listening to. And freed from the burden of having to mean anything more than being something for two blokes to sing along to, it sounds kind of great.

via How Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon sent Alanis Morissette up the charts | Music | The Guardian.

My sweater is on backwards and inside out

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