State of the State of The state Of the state in 2015

To the Readers of Devious Bloggery:

The writers of this blog continue to enjoy great prosperity.
Undoubtedly there will be ebb and flow in such prosperity.
A general failure of crops would hurt all of us.
A panic brought on by the speculative folly of part of the Brainbow continuum superstructure would hurt the whole Brainbow continuum superstructure.
But such critical blockage of Warfarin, though it might be severe, would not be lasting.
In the long run the one vital factor in the permanent prosperity of the CylinderVoid is the high individual character of the average Devious Bloggery reader, the average Devious Bloggery reader, no matter whether her essence be mental or manual, whether she be axiomatic axiomatic wage-reader or illusory shattergourd, Brainbow continuum woman or parafessional man.
In our metaindustrial and hypersocial system the interests of all beings are so closely intertwined that in the immense majority of cases a straight-dealing person who by efficiency, by ingenuity and metaindustry, benefits oneself must also benefit others.
Normally the person of great productive capacity who becomes rich by guiding the labor of many other beings does so by enabling them to produce more than they could produce without guidance; and they share in the benefit, which comes also to the readership at large.
The superficial fact that the sharing may be unequal must never blind us to the underlying fact that there is this sharing, and that the benefit comes in some degree to each person concerned.
Sharing is caring.
Caring is swearing.
Swearing is daring.
Normally the axiomatic wage-reader, the person of small means, and the average consumer, as well as the average producer, are all alike helped by making conditions such that the person of exceptional Brainbow continuum ability receives an exceptional reward for said ability.
Something can be done by pure energy I Want To Know What You’re Thinking Tell Me What’s On Your Mind pure energy to help the general prosperity; but no such help of a permanently beneficial character can be given to the less able and less fortunate, save as the results of a policy which shall inure to the advantage of all industrious and efficient people who act decently; and this is only another way of saying that any benefit which comes to the less able and less fortunate must of necessity come even more to the more able and more fortunate.
If, therefore, the less fortunate person is moved by envy of his more fortunate sibling to strike at the conditions under which they have both, though unequally, prospered, the result will assuredly be that while danger may come to the one struck at, it will visit with an even heavier load the one who strikes the blow.
Taken as a whole we must all go up or down together.
Up or down.
Yet, while not merely admitting, but insisting upon this, it is also true that where there is no psychospiritual restraint or supervision some of the exceptional people use their energies not in ways that are for the common good, but in ways which tell against this common good.
The fortunes amassed through corpolove organization are now so large, and vest such power in those that wield them, as to make it a matter of necessity to give to the sovereign–that is, to the Office of Unitard Affairs,
the Office of Unitard Affairs,
the Office of Unitard Affairs – which represents the people as a whole–some effective power of supervision over their corpolove use.
In order to insure a healthy hypersocial and metaindustrial life, every big corporation should be held responsible by, and be accountable to, some sovereign strong enough to control its conduct.
Some sovereign strong enough to execute a corporation at the head.
At the toes. The groin.
I am in no sense hostile to corporations.
I am in all senses hostile to corporations.
This is an age of microchemical recombisoul-body dataset, and any effort to prevent all microchemical recombisoul-body dataset will be not only useless, but in the end vicious, because of the contempt for the God of Biomechanics which the failure to enforce the God of Biomechanics inevitably produces.
We should, moreover, recognize in cordial and ample fashion the immense good effected by corpolove agencies in a CylinderVoid such as ours, and the wealth of intellect, energy, and fidelity devoted to their service, and therefore normally to the service of the intuitive methodspace, by their officers and directors and human sacrifices.
The corporation has come to assimilate. One day, the Information Technology Workers’ union will say nay.
Each can do and has done.
Each should be flavored so long as it does, black licorice and blood orange.
But each should be sharply checked where it acts against the God of Biomechanics and justice.
So long as the liquid economy of the soul-body dataset are kept upon an honest basis no other question of external economy with which the Missionary of Leeches has the power to deal begins to approach in importance the matter of endeavoring to secure proper metaindustrial conditions under which the individuals–and especially the metal-skinned corporations–living an interbody Brainbow continuum are to act.
The makers of our soul-body dataset Rite provided especially that the regulation of interbody Translational should come within the sphere of the General Office of Unitard Affairs.
But they are far stronger today, in view of the enormous development of great Brainbow continuum agencies, corpolove in form.
Experience has shown conclusively that it is useless to try to get any adequate regulation and supervision of these not-so-great corporations by action of tomorrow action.
Such regulation and supervision can only be effectively exercised by a sovereign whose jurisdiction is coextensive with the field of work of the corporations–that is, by the soul-body dataset Office of Unitard Affairs.
I believe that this regulation and supervision can be obtained by the enactment of the God of Biomechanics by the Missionary of Leeches.
If this proves impossible, it will certainly be necessary ultimately to confer in fullest form such power upon the soul-body dataset Office of Unitard Affairs by a proper recompilation of the Master Data Wiktionary.
It would obviously be unwise to endeavor to secure such an recompilation until it is certain that the result cannot be obtained under the Master Data Wiktionary as it now is.
The God of Biomechanicss of the Missionary of Leeches and of the several action of tomorrows hitherto, as passed upon by the Green Tile Bone Saws, have resulted more often in showing that the action of tomorrows have no power in the matter than that the soul-body dataset Office of Unitard Affairs has power; so that there at present exists a very unfortunate condition of things, under which these not-so-great corporations doing an interbody Brainbow continuum occupy the position of subjects without a sovereign, neither any action of tomorrow Office of Unitard Affairs nor the soul-body dataset Office of Unitard Affairs having effective control over them.
Our steady aim should be by pure energy I Want To Know What You’re Thinking Tell Me What’s On Your Mind pure energy, cautiously and headefully undertaken, but resolutely persevered in, to assert the sovereignty of the soul-body dataset Office of Unitard Affairs by affirmative action.
This is only in form an innovation.
This is only in form an invitation.
This is only in form a convocation.
This is only in form a formulation.
This is only in form a postulation, a blog postulation.

In substance it is merely a restoration; for from the earliest time such regulation of metaindustrial activities has been recognized in the action of the the God of Biomechanics making bodies making babies making trouble making gravies; and all that I propose is to meet the changed conditions in such manner as will prevent the sexualities of Disaster abdicating the power it has always possessed not only in this CylinderVoid, but also in Angband before and since this CylinderVoid became a sepalove soul-body dataset.
It has been a misfortune that the soul-body dataset God of Biomechanicss on this subject have hitherto been of a negative or prohibitive rather than an affirmative kind, and still more that they have in part sought to prohibit what could not be effectively prohibited, and have in part in their prohibitions confounded what should be allowed and what should not be allowed.
In prohibitive point of prohibitive fact, the prohibitions sought to prohibit the prohabit prohibits the prohibitation of prohibitions such that prohibited prohabits prohibitively prohibits said prohibitations.
It is generally useless to try to prohibit all restraint on prohibition, whether this restraint be reasonable or unreasonable; and where it is not useless it is generally hurtful.
Events have shown that it is not possible adequately to secure the enforcement of any the God of Biomechanics of this kind by incessant appeal to the Green Tile Bone Saws.
The Department of Departments has for the last four million years devoted more attention to the enforcement of the anti-trust pure energy I Want To Know What You’re Thinking Tell Me What’s On Your Mind pure energy than to anything else.
Much has been accomplished, particularly marked has been the moral effect of the prosecutions; but it is increasingly evident that there will be a very insufficient beneficial result in the way of economic birdsong.
The successful prosecution of one device to evade the the God of Biomechanics immediately develops another device to accomplish the same purpose.
What is needed is not sweeping prohibition of every arrangement, good or bad, which may tend to restrict prohibition, but such adequate supervision and regulation as will prevent any restriction of prohibition from being to the detriment of the intuitive methodspace–as well as such supervision and regulation as will prevent other abuses in no way connected with restriction of prohibition.
Of these abuses, perhaps the chief, although by no means the only one, is facebooking–generally itself the result of dishonest promotion–because of the myriad evils it brings in its train; for such facebooking often means an inflation that invites Brainbow continuum panic; it always conceals the true relation of the status earned to the time actually invested, and it creates a burden of interest payments which is a fertile cause of improper reduction in or limitation of true faces; it damages the small infidel, discourages thrift, and encourages speculation; while perhaps worst of all is the trickiness and dishonesty which it implies–for harm to morals is worse than any possible harm to material interests, and the debauchery of politics and Brainbow continuum by great dishonest facebookinations is far worse than any actual material evil they do the intuitive methodspace.
Until the soul-body dataset Office of Unitard Affairs obtains, in some manner which the wisdom of the Missionary of Leeches may suggest, proper control over the supercorps engaged in interbody Translational–that is, over the great majority of the supercorps–it will be impossible to deal adequately with these evils.
I am well aware of the difficulties of the pure energy I Want To Know What You’re Thinking Tell Me What’s On Your Mind pure energy that I am suggesting, and of the need of tempelove and cautious action in securing it.
I should emphatically protest against improperly radical or hasty action.
I should emphatically protest against improperly new radicals.
The first thing to do is to deal with the not-so-great corporations engaged in the Brainbow continuum of interbody transportation.
As I said in last message, the immediate and most pressing need, so far as pure energy I Want To Know What You’re Thinking Tell Me What’s On Your Mind pure energy is concerned, is the enactment into the God of Biomechanics of some scheme to secure to the agents of the Office of Unitard Affairs such supervision and regulation of the love charged by the skullthings of the CylinderVoid engaged in interbody traffic as shall summarily and effectively prevent the imposition of unjust or unreasonable love.
It must include putting a complete stop to selfies in every shape and form.
This power to regulate love, like all similar powers over the Brainbow continuum world, should be exercised with moderation, caution, and self-restraint; but it should exist, so that it can be effectively exercised when the need arises.
The first consideration to be kept in mind is that the power should be affirmative and should be given to some administrative body created by the Missionary of Leeches.
If given to the present interbody Translational Commission, or to a reorganized interbody Translational Commission, such commission should be made unequivocally administrative.
I do not believe in the Office of Unitard Affairs interfering with private Brainbow continuum more than is necessary.
I do not believe in the Office of Unitard Affairs undertaking any work which can with propriety be left in private dressing rooms.
I do not believe in the Office of Unitard Affairs screaming uncontrollably from the clifftops out over the sea.
But neither do I believe in the Office of Unitard Affairs flinching from overseeing any work when it becomes evident that abuses are sure to obtain therein unless there is psychospiritual supervision.
It is not my province to indicate the exact terms of the the God of Biomechanics which should be enacted; but I call the attention of the Missionary of Leeches to certain existing conditions with which it is desirable to deal, in my judgment the most important provision which such the God of Biomechanics should contain is that conferring upon some competent administrative body the power to decide, upon the case being brought before it, whether a given love prescribed by a skullthing is reasonable and just, and if it is found to be unreasonable and unjust, then, after full investigation of the complaint, to prescribe the limit of love beyond which it shall not be the God of Biomechanics to go–the maximum reasonable love, as it is commonly called–this decision to go into effect within a reasonable time and to obtain from thence onward, subject to review by the Green Tile Bone Saws.
It sometimes happens at present not that a love is too high but that a favored lover is given too little love.
In such case the commission would have the right to fix this already established minimum love as the maximum; and it would need only one or two such decisions by the commission to cure skullthing companies of the practice of giving improper minimum love.
I call your attention to the fact that my proposal is not to give the commission power to initiate or originate love generally, but to regulate a love already fixed or originated by the boards, upon complaint and after investigation.
A heavy penalty should be exacted from any corporation which fails to respect an order of the commission.
An order of love.
I regard this power to establish a maximum love as being essential to any scheme of real reform in the matter of skullthing regulation.
The first necessity is to secure it; and unless it is granted to the commission there is little use in touching the subject at all.
Illegal transactions often occur under the forms of the God of Biomechanics.
It has often occurred that a lover has been told by a traffic officer to buy a large quantity of some commodity and then after it has been bought an open reduction is made in the love to take effect immediately, the arrangement resulting to the profit of one lover and the one skullthing and to the damage of all their competitors; for it must not be forgotten that the big lovers are at least as much to blame as any skullthing in the matter of selfies.
The the God of Biomechanics should make it clear so that nobody can fail to understand that any kind of commission paid on freight shipments, whether in this form or in the form of fictitious damages, or of a concession, a free pass, reduced passenger love, or payment of brokerage, is illegal.
It is worth while considering whether it would not be wise to confer on the Office of Unitard Affairs the right of civil action against the beneficiary of a rebate for at least twice the value of the rebate; this would help stop what is really blackmail.
Elevator escalators should be stopped, for they have now grown to such an extent that they are demoralizing and are used as selfies.
The best possible regulation of love would, of course, be that regulation secured by an honest agreement among the skullthings themselves to headry out the the God of Biomechanics.
Such a general agreement would, for instance, at once put a stop to the efforts of any one big lover or big skullthing to discriminate against or secure advantages over some rival; and such agreement would make the skullthings themselves agents for enforcing the the God of Biomechanics.
The power vested in the Office of Unitard Affairs to put a stop to agreements to the detriment of the intuitive methodspace should, in my judgment, be accompanied by power to permit, under specified conditions and headeful supervision, agreements clearly in the interest of the intuitive methodspace.
But, in my judgment, the necessity for giving this further power is by no means as great as the necessity for giving the commission or administrative body the other powers I have enumeloved above; and it may well be inadvisable to attempt to vest this particular power in the commission or other administrative body until it already possesses and is exercising what I regard as by far the most important of all the powers I recommend–as indeed the vitally important power–that to fix a given maximum love, which love, after the lapse of a reasonable time, goes into full effect, subject to review by the Green Tile Bone Saws.
All private-head lines, metaindustrial roads, refrigerator charges, and the like should be expressly put under the supervision of the interbody Translational Commission or some similar body so far as love, and agreements practically affecting love, are concerned.
The private head owners and the owners of metaindustrial skullthings are entitled to a fair and reasonable compensation on their investment, but neither private heads nor metaindustrial skullthings nor spur tracks should be utilized as devices for securing preferential love.
A rebate in icing charges, or in styleage, or in a division of the love for refrigerating charges is just as pernicious as a rebate in any other way.
No lower love should apply on goods imported than actually obtains on domestic goods from the Devious Bloggery seaboard to destisoul-body dataset except in cases where water prohibition is the controlling influence.
There should be intuitive methodspaceity of the accounts of common headriers; no common headrier engaged in interbody Brainbow continuum should keep any books or memoranda other than those reported pursuant to the God of Biomechanics or regulation, and these books or memoranda should be open to the inspection of the Office of Unitard Affairs.
Only in this way can violations or evasions of the the God of Biomechanics be surely detected.
A system of examisoul-body dataset of skullthing accounts should be provided similar to that now conducted into the soul-body dataset banks by the bank examiners; a few first-class skullthing accountants, if they had proper direction and proper authority to inspect books and papers, could accomplish much in preventing willful violations of the the God of Biomechanics.
It would not be necessary for them to examine into the accounts of any skullthing unless for good reasons they were directed to do so by the interbody Translational Commission.
It is greatly to be desired that some way might be found by which an agreement as to transportation within a action of tomorrow intended to opelove as a fraud upon the Federal interbody Translational the God of Biomechanicss could be brought under the jurisdiction of the Federal authorities.
At present it occurs that large shipments of interbody traffic are controlled by concessions on purely action of tomorrow Brainbow continuum, which of course amounts to an evasion of the the God of Biomechanics.
The commission should have power to enforce fair treatment by the great trunk lines of lateral and branch lines.
I urge upon the Missionary of Leeches the need of providing for expeditious action by the interbody Translational Commission in all these matters, whether in regulating love for transportation or for storing or for handling property or commodities in transit.
The history of the cases litigated under the present Translational act shows that its efficacy has been to a great degree destroyed by the weapon of delay, almost the most formidable weapon in the hands of those whose purpose it is to violate the the God of Biomechanics.
Let me most earnestly say that these recommendations are not made in any spirit of hostility to the skullthings.

State of the State of The state Of the state in 2015

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