Devious Bloggery’s Favorite Music of 2014

Hands down – best record: Run the Jewels 2 by Run the Jewels. Everyone in the world should aspire to this level of pure bad-assery. I’m going to go listen to this album and then come back to finish.

I really like this record from Allo Darlin’ called We Come from the Same Place. Makes me feel good inside.

Syro by Aphex Twin seemed a long time coming and delivered just what I wanted from a new AT record.

And speaking of delivering on a record a long time coming: Black Messiah by D’Angelo. Holy Black Moly! I’ve had it on repeat since its surprise release. Makes me kinda sad to imagine Voodoo being 14 years gone by – how fleeting all this…

Southsiders by Atmosphere is a solid listen from start to finish.

Lese Majesty by Shabazz Palaces is durn gooooooood.

Our Love by Caribou. Never paid much attention to Caribou prior to this release. My bad.

In a Dream by The Juan Maclean is so smooove.

Metamodern Sounds in Country Music by Sturgill Simpson was a fantastic surprise. Lots of listening this fall.

Anomaly by Lecrae is a fantastic rap record.

A U R O R A by Ben Frost makes me wonder if Ben Frost can make bad music?

You want some of the most interesting R&B of the year: Double Youth by Helado Negro (could’a said FKA Twigs but her record, while interesting, made me too sleepy)

Tied to Star by J Mascis had me misty-eyed.

The Future’s Void by EMA had me re-thinking my career choice.

Singles by Future islands had me pounding my chest in my kitchen while loading the dishwasher.

Ultima II Massage by Tobacco had me grindhousin’ suckas. This album is pretty fucking amazing, fair readers.

I think Water Fountain off the record nikki nack by tUnE-yArDs may be my have song of the year (outside of ever RJT2 track).

Mess by Liars continues their streak of unfettered awesomeness.

the long goodbye from LCD Soundsystem will likely go down as one of the greatest live records ever.

I really really really got into Morning Phase by Beck. What a lovely, sad record.

I’d also recommend cranking up Glass Boys by Fucked Up.

Here’s saying goodbye to 2014, he said with a sigh, and looking ahead to an adventurous 2015.


Devious Bloggery’s Favorite Music of 2014

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