The Blair Witch Project Gave Me Diabetes

I watched this film in a theater in Springfield, MO whilst curled up in a tight ball, tucked deep into the folding crack of a cushy, purplely-plush chair and my immune system wrecking havoc upon my pancreas.

(Now, perhaps it was just an upset belly, but it wasn’t too long thereafter (less than a year) that I was in a hospital being diagnosed with Type I – just sayin’. )

So, Blair Witch, though I think you’re a great film (and man, was I ever sucked into the internet marketing for it), I have to warn the world about your diabetic-inducing tendencies.

Be warned, world!


The Blair Witch Project Gave Me Diabetes

One thought on “The Blair Witch Project Gave Me Diabetes

  1. Gina says:

    This made me laugh! Diabetes is not funny. But memories of the Blair Witch Project are – although that’s not true either b/c I just introduced the guy I was seeing to it for the first time about 6 months ago and I still teared up in fear and creepiness at the ending and had a hand clenched on his leg for most of it, and that’s after seeing it approximately 299 times. 😉 I think you may be on to something though with the connection. Now send me your email address you jerk, you disappeared on FB.


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