Things I liked this year and some things I didn’t like this year

So instead of posting my usual end-of-year favorite songs I will just direct you here as most of their picks line up with mine and I see no need to repeat good work. I will add that I really liked the album Danzig put out this year.

So, yeah, up thar’s the music that I liked this year.

For film, I liked Winter’s Bone and Toy Story 3 and The Girl Who Played with Fire and I didn’t really see a lot of new movies. I did not like Daybreakers. And Avatar was a joke. (Wasn’t it? No. He was serious?)

I really liked a lot of dumb shit on Facebook this year. I expect that trend to continue into 2011.

I super duper liked my wife and kids this year. Amazing people, those wife and kids.

I liked my Nook so much this year, I can hardly verbalize it. It is by far my most favorite gadget since my Walkman. The thing has reignited my love of reading and made it much easier to tote around 1,000 page books, of which I’ve read 6 since getting nooked in July.

I really liked Tank 7 this year, which surprised me because the first time I had it I simply thought it was so-so. Not so-so.

I liked getting some stories published. That was unexpected and nice.

I didn’t really like how much I had to work at work doing work.

I liked that I got to marry two people who I love and respect and who are going to have a great life together.

I liked Dominion and its expansions a shite-ton this year. By far, the game I played the mostest. (Dominion and beer at my place a couple times a month slowly becoming a regular thang if you’re interested.)

I liked sitting in on some of Craig’s English classes this year. It made me proud to watch him wax poetic on short fiction. I also liked that he rebuilt our porch and had a son. Quite likable that.

I didn’t like that I didn’t get to ride my bike much or see many concerts.

All things considered, however, I liked 2010. I liked writing and typing the numbers two zero one zero. I liked saying “twenty-ten”. I liked coloring in the zeros when I saw 2010 in print and I had a pen handy.

I am now going to eat some jalapeño Cheetos and listen to OutKast.

Things I liked this year and some things I didn’t like this year

2 thoughts on “Things I liked this year and some things I didn’t like this year

  1. Oh, J – you have such a way with words. I really liked that you married Rob and I – our marriage is filled with that much more awesome because you got it started!

    Also, I agree with your movie picks although I’d add True Grit to the list – have you seen it yet? We watched Winter’s Bone last weekend. A stark movie, but incredibly well-done.

    All in all, an excellent year. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings. Hopefully us spending more time with the wonderful Preus.

    P.S. Jalapeno Cheetos sound awesome.


  2. too sweet, you are.

    no, we haven’t see ‘true grit’ nor ‘black swan’. both on our hot list as is ‘exit through the gift shop’.

    next time you make chili, drop some jalapeno cheetos in your bowl right before you eat it! YUM!


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