TexMeX-Mas 2009 Results

Congrats to Flyguy who, after 5 years of bringing yum and yummier chilis, won Best Meat with a Sausage and Crawdad Chili.
Preutopia’s own Sa Rah took home Best Overall and Best Veggie for her Indian Chili and Chili 2010 (Chili of the Future).
Congrats to Noah for destroying all our guts with his painful (but tasty) Noah’s Chili.
And big congrats to virgin TexMeX-mas-er Maria, who floored us all with her orgasmic Choc-amole.

Thanks to all who came out and brought delicious food for everyone to share. What started 6 years ago as a duel between Sa Rah and Dode has turned into a yearly tradition we always look forward to. We were thinking of you, Doug, with every bite of spicy goodness.

TexMeX-Mas 2009 Results

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