Devious Bloggery’s Favorite Albums 2000-2008

For my faves from 2009, see here.

Spotify playlist


radiohead,kid a,2000
the faint,danse macabre,2001
beck,sea change,2002
blackalicious,blazing arrow,2002
the flaming lips,yoshimi battles the pink robots,2002
interpol,turn on the bright lights,2002
the roots,phrenology,2002
the anniversary,your majesty,2002
the distillers,sing sing death house,2002
the blood brothers,burn, piano island, burn,2003
damien rice,o,2003
pedro the lion,control,2003
tv on the radio,desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes,2003
the white stripes,elephant,2003
the postal service,give up,2003
the arcade fire,funeral,2004
the fiery furnaces,blueberry boat,2004
of montreal,the sunlandic twins,2004
bloc party,silent alarm,2005
my morning jacket,z,2005
casiotone for the painfully alone,etiquette,2006
liars,drum’s not dead,2006
neko case,fox confessor brings the flood,2006
the knife,silent shout,2006
tool ,10,000 days,2006
the hold steady,boys and girls in america,2006
the arcade fire,neon bible,2007
bacon shoe,back from stinktion,2007
dri,smoke rings,2007
lcd soundsystem,sound of silver,2007
the national,boxer,2007
the helio sequence,keep your eyes ahead,2008
erykah badu,new amerykah part one (4th world war),2008

favorite soundtracks

the life aquatic with steve zissou
o brother, where art thou?
kill bill vol. 1 & 2
lost in translation

Devious Bloggery’s Favorite Albums 2000-2008

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