Way Back Whensday

What we were listening to…

5 years ago (i think this album is top-notch. i remember there being quite the debate amongst the beastie boy heads in my circle when this dropped.)

10 years ago (wow. talk about another incredible album. ten years old now, damn. if you’ve not heard this record. go find it. now.)

20 years ago (well, hell, let’s just keep with the awesomeness that is mike patton. wow. i feel old right now. john d. (who turned me on to these guys waaaaaaay back in the day and who caught mad hell for having a faith no more t-shirt before everyone else (and then when ‘epic’ came out they were all like ‘yeah, we’ve always liked this band’) and my brother, matt (the biggest faith no more fan i know), this one’s for you.)

Way Back Whensday

2 thoughts on “Way Back Whensday

  1. Max says:

    Saw all of your Faith No More clips and reminded me of a tale I was once told: Dude I knew in San Diego (I lived there for a year) and his buddy were big FNM fans and wanted to see them when they came to town. They had a brilliant (f-ed up) idea, with one writing a letter saying that they (FNM) were his retarded friend’s favorite band and that he wanted to see them. What happened, you ask? Not only did they get great seats down in front to the show, but also got backstage passes and got to hang with the band after the concert. Only bad part, the friend still had to act retarded to keep up charade. You meet some screwed up people in this game we call life, my friend.
    Hope all is well in your world,


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