Movie Review: Orphan


That is a drawing of my arsehole.
Sorry I spoiled the movie for you.

I want to donkey punch the hack that wrote this film.

Movie Review: Orphan

4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Orphan

  1. almoagnadna says:

    Ok, that’s fair. You can hate it. I was expecting a cheesy horror flick, and so was impressed with the casting, production quality, and (surprisingly) the plot line. Predictable at times, but the character development really pulled me in, and I (ashamedly) found myself shouting at the screen more than once.

    I will admit this caveat – my enjoyment of the plot really appealed to my maternal instincts. I don’t know that I’d have appreciated it quite so much without the use of my ovaries.


    1. see, i thought the writing was just tragic, especially the scene with Peter Pirate and Orphan on the couch after she’s all dolled up and trying to throw the mack down. People in the theater were groaning! if you want to check a film that will give your maternal instincts a real fuck – check out ‘antichrist’.


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