KCK Farmer’s Market

From the UG’s newsletter:

Local KCK farmers will be hosting a Farmer’s Market every Wednesday through September 30th at 6th and Tauromee in Kansas City, KS. The Farmer’s Market will be open from 8 am – Noon, or until sellout. Locally produced fruits, vegetables and dairy products will be available as seasons allow. Support our local farmers to eat healthier foods, support the local economy and save energy.

KCK Farmer’s Market

One thought on “KCK Farmer’s Market

  1. javagirl says:

    Okay – so I go visit the Farmer’s Market pretty much every weekend. I buy all of my veggies there and sometimes eggs if there are any left. I think this is fabulous that they are trying to get one started for the community in KCK…however…Wednesday MORNINGS? I support my local farmers because they support me in the fact that they will provide fresh produce over a weekend where I can do something like this. Maybe they are involved in the DT FM and can do this for KCK only on Wednesdays…but maybe make it an evening where more people can be involved…What kind of message are they really conveying?


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