Devious Mixtape 9: Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week



no cabaret!,vhs or beta,

walk like a man (you can call me),grand funk railroad,

why can’t he be you,patsy cline,(why can’t he?)

pulled up,talking heads,(have i mentioned how much i love this band?)

crash,david byrne,(since i’m now in talking heads mode)

the man who sold the world,david bowie,(eanna’s child, finn, thinks i am the goblin king)

all i need,radiohead,

land mines,st. vincent,

you can’t go home again,dj shadow,(you truly, truly can’t)

the perfect needle,telescopes,

c30, c60, c90, go!,bow wow wow,

on broadway (live),gary numan,(wallace, if you don’t listen to much numan, please start.)

i set my face to the hillside,tortoise,(this album is rife with pleasant melancholy)

feeling stronger,the voluptuous horror of karen black,(eek!)

orange blossom special,the nitty gritty dirt band,

a good taste of the gnorrhee,bacon shoe,(the shoe cannot stop, kids…ever…)

i am she, nikki giovanni,(for my dear, old friend angel)

roughly 73 minutes long. click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (67mb, one track).

Devious Mixtape 9: Live Every Week Like It’s Shark Week

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