Way Back Whensday

What we were listening to…

5 years ago

10 years ago

20 years ago (everything in alt-rock today has been touched by this)

I prefer the UK Surf Mix of this next one, but liked the fan-made video

This one has ‘Dead’ first, then ‘I Bleed’

Was there ever such a cheery-sounding tune about such a rough topic?

See above for ‘Dead’

Recent performance, but shows how tight they were when getting back together.

From the same set as above. I really like this one.


If there can be only one, this is my fave.

Hmm…I may have to make a fan-made video for this one.

No mixtape today. Had some firewall troubles at work last night so didn’t get the time to mix it up.

Way Back Whensday

5 thoughts on “Way Back Whensday

  1. i know. it’s sobering.
    i first heard that record in late summer ’92 (thanks, pat) and it didn’t blow my head apart like it would again when i gave it more attention in the fall of ’93 (thanks, doug).


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