Devious Mixtape 8: asdfghjkl;


relapse,boot hill,(defunct kc band featuring the infamous gary cloud)

one of a kind,atmosphere,

high 5 (rock the catskills),beck,

palace of illusions,cold fusion,

something about us (love theme from interstella 5555),daft punk,

puppets,depeche mode,(for sunshine)

blue lines,massive attack,

chubb sub,medeski, martin & wood,

heartlight,neil diamond,(where my neil fans at? emaw?)

dakota,robert rodriguez & carl thiel,(what a creepy track to follow neil)

minimal,pet shop boys,(artie, w00t!)

walking through the darkness,tekitha,

the nothing left garden human condition,shai no shai,

hey love,stevie wonder,

clowns and jugglers (octopus),syd barrett,

peace krime #1,the legendary pink dots,

x-execution of a bum rush,the x-ecutioners,

verbage,illogic,(this one is for prater and marcelo to jam on)

dr. feelgood,mötley crüe,(turn up the volume on your stereo and your hair)

in yellow moonlight,chris lee

i saw red (acoustic version),warrant,(because the acoustic version really brings out the emotional complexity)

roughly 79 minutes long. click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (73mb, one track).

Devious Mixtape 8: asdfghjkl;

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