Devious Mixtape 7: Last day of magic, where are you?


crazy [orange factory mix],seal,(this song, no matter how you mix it, never ceases to move me. i dunno why.)

isfahan,duke ellington,

big red rocket of love,reverend horton heat,

my opinion,shock g,

falling out of love,mary gauthier,

7/4 [shoreline],broken social scene,

i just found out about love,shirley horn,

oh, oh, i love her so,the ramones,

same all over,canned heat,

pacific shores,phantom surfers,

knock me a kiss,(swingin’, man)louis jordan,

queen of las vegas [mesopotamia outtake version],b52s,(i love this band more and more with every passing year. you should hear sarah and i karoake ‘love shack’, by the way.)

hot pink, distorted,50 foot wave,

e.s.t. [trip to the moon],alien sex fiend,(one of the greatest band names ever)

world of confusion,infam,(not to be confused with genesis’s ‘land of confusion’ and it’s creepy-ass puppet video)

kaw-liga,hank williams jr.,(this song is the fucking funkiest country song you’ll ever hear)

two horse town,stereo mcs,(i don’t remember these guys ever getting the credit they deserved…maybe they did sometime, from someone from whom such credit usually issues forth…but i don’t remember it.)

straight up and down,the brian jonestown massacre,

i started something i couldn’t finish,the smiths,

last day of magic,the kills,(off one of my favorite albums from last year,”a little tornado, a little hurricano…”, love that shit.)

roughly 79 minutes long. click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (72mb, one track).

Devious Mixtape 7: Last day of magic, where are you?

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