Devious Mixtape 4: The Ghost of Bill Shapiro

i enjoy cypress avenue – but why does it seem like every other week is the stones, van morrison, or the boss?


the girl next door,screeching weasel,(one of the all-time greatest punk bands)

allegedly dancefloor tragedy,suspiria

red velvet or nothing,belong,(for gilmore)

the healing game,van morrison,(bill #1)

love song no. 7,clap your hands say yeah,(didn’t like their recent show on jimmy fallon)

the last time,the rolling stones,(bill #2)

for my friend,bill withers

i gotta get drunk,the little willies

on the train,basement jaxx,(thanks to victor for turning me on to these cats.)

coast to coast,the jesus and mary chain

a mile long lump of lard,the orb

memphis skyline,rufus wainwright

dancing in the dark,bruce springsteen,(bill #3)

she lets me in,big smith,(for my peeps in springpatch)

dancing bear,the mamas & the papas

i was in the house when the house burned down,warren zevon,(bill #4)

in shakespeare’s garden,cause & effect

come what may,ewan macgregor & nicole kidman,(i adore moulin rouge: the film, the music, the story, the everything. thank you so much, kari.)

Roughly 77 minutes long. Click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (71MB, one track). Click here for the Spotify playlist.

Devious Mixtape 4: The Ghost of Bill Shapiro

Devious Mixtape 3: They Had No Chicken Nuggets So I Had to Call 911

Mostly recent tracks for this week’s mixy mixness:


the ghetto, too $hort (even thought the streets are bumpy…)

when i grow up, fever ray (the music is haunting, but the second verse lyrics crack me up)

siren song, bat for lashes (oooooooooooo)

hot boyz, casiotone for the painfully alone ( 🙂 )

malherido, juana molina (this lady makes some pretty incredible music)

kim & jessie, m83 (this entire album has been non-stop listening for me)

prince of peace, school of seven bells (same with this one)

best supporting actor, one for the team (fans of old-school anniversary will enjoy)

gone gone gone, the notwist (to quote connie magic, “sigh…”)

stars in the rearview mirror, hammock (moody)

someday we’re through, sambassadeur (i like these guys)

buck and judy, deerhoof (this song is interesting)

angelz, mf doom (this sample is sick)

prismatic room, crystal stilts (i want to shoot a video for this song)

nine lives, midnight juggernauts (dance, mf-er, dance)

blood visions, jay reatard (now tear some shit up)

penultimate persian, chris clark (now dance some more – eco, i’m looking in your general direction)

california dreamin’, eddie hazel (now lay back and slide. thanks, brandon. this song is downright durrrty)

Roughly 74 minutes long. Click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (68MB, one track).Click here for Spotify playlist.

Devious Mixtape 3: They Had No Chicken Nuggets So I Had to Call 911

Way Back Whensday

What we were listening to…

5 years ago:

10 years ago (fan-made):

20 years ago (this is a good way to start your day)

Is anyone able to explain to me why the record companies feel like they have to disable embedding videos? Christ, it’s a video. It’s meant to be seen, schmucks.

Way Back Whensday