Devious Mixtape 5: Team Wayne or Team Winn?! I just can’t decide!

team wayne or team winn? man, i’m torn. how about you?


mountain side,the flaming lips,(team wayne?)

this must be the place (naive melody),the arcade fire,(team winn?)

accusations,the juan maclean,(this is human league 2009 and likely to become one of my faves this year. awesomeness.)

black tongue,yeah yeah yeahs,(dirty)

parisian goldfish,flying lotus

trick for treat,neon neon,(fuh-resh)

you and me and this,the hillary step,(fantastic kc band)

travelling at the speed of thought [hip house club mix],ultramagnetic mc’s

michael a grammar,broadcast

overcome,tricky,(man, me and tony rone listened to the heck out of this record.)

el jefe deconstruxion,the flying skulls,(blips,beeps,twips,tweeps)

can’t stand it,telepathe

in the depths of mania,die form

run home,the safety of the north

almost there,the nobodys

to be loved,joan as policewoman,(oh, joan wasser…)

feeling yourself disintegrate,the flaming lips,(team wayne?)

wake up,the arcade fire,(team winn? damn, if this song doesn’t grab you by the heart and twirl you around you’re inhuman.)

Roughly 76 minutes long. Click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (70MB, one track). Click here for the Spotify playlist.

Devious Mixtape 5: Team Wayne or Team Winn?! I just can’t decide!

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