Devious Mixtape 2: Are you there, Bruce Dickinson? It’s me, Jason.

This week’s goodness (and oh, you wouldn’t believe the trouble I went through to put this together for you…):


the prisoner, iron maiden (you should all have this entire album memorized)
family tree, belle & sebastian (nothing says mixtape like maiden followed by belle & sebastian)
the lovers, ladytron
gonna find you, operation ivy (this band made perfect songs)
electromagnetic azoth, secret chiefs 3 (this band makes interesting songs)
motorboat, love is all
all my tears, julie miller (fantastic cover of an emmy lou harris gem)
preoccupation, pamper the madman (greatest kansas city band ever)
planet earth, duran duran
read it in books, echo & the bunnymen
epitaph for my heart, magnetic fields (rebecca braverman saw them perform all 69 love songs. i hate her.)
if you wanna know, ugly duckling
saint behind the glass, los lobos (‘kiko’ is a masterpiece)
muriel, tom waits
sleeping beauty, miranda sex garden
god bows to math, minutemen (if you don’t have any minutemen records why bother listening to music?)
sacrifice, the roots (holy funk, i forgot how schmoove this track was)
theme for runaways, psyche
for kristoffer, money your love (this is from a burned cd the singer gave to my wife at a jr./sr. show many, many moons ago)
dirt off your shoulder, danger mouse
among his tribe, ween
the number of the beast (live), iron maiden (yes, a maiden sandwich)

I had to move to simply providing you a download link – no embedded player. Couldn’t find a free file-sharing service that also allowed direct linking. At any rate, the page linked to below has ads, but should be pop-up free.

Roughly 79 minutes long. Click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (72MB, one track). Click here for the Spotify playlist.

Devious Mixtape 2: Are you there, Bruce Dickinson? It’s me, Jason.

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