Devious Mixtape 1: 15 albums

So there’s a new (to me) meme going around that asks you to pick 15 albums that changed your life or affected you in some grand way. I really couldn’t do 15 albums only, so did 15 albums from 1980 to 1992:

talking heads – remain in light
michael jackson – thriller
vangelis – blade runner soundtrack
newcleus – jam-on revenge
prince – purple rain
beastie boys – licensed to ill
n.w.a./eazy e. – straight outta compton/eazy duz it (bought ’em the same day so they’re forever one album to me)
leonard cohen – i’m your man
the pixies – doolittle
nine inch nails – pretty hate machine
public enemy – fear of a black planet
my bloody valentine – loveless
rhcp – bloodsugarsexmagick
the orb – the orb’s adventures beyond the ultraworld
the pharcyde – bizarre ride II…

Taking it one step further I put together a mixtape of one song from each of the albums above. I think I’m going to start a weekly mixtape feature here. Some weeks will have a theme. Others will just be random rawk. Enjoy.

Roughly 78 minutes long. Click here to visit the download page for an .mp3 (72MB, one track). Click here for the Spotify playlist of all the records!

Devious Mixtape 1: 15 albums

4 thoughts on “Devious Mixtape 1: 15 albums

  1. 🙂 yes, pixies and mbv are all you, my man (posing as your wife). and i am eternally grateful. though, to be fair, i first heard doolittle with patty, just didn’t grab me like it did when we lived together.


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