7 thoughts on “Work

  1. work.
    not a job.
    as rob says, “excellent!”
    excellent, indeed.
    it’s big. (in size and scope, not importance or value to anyone/thing outside of me.)
    you’re looking at a script for a graphic novel.

  2. dodo says:

    hey – it’s jes not dodo…do you know a seth peck? he is in the comic world there in kc…and he used to be a college roommate…just wondering. apparently he just got done writing a comic and needs an artist.

  3. nope, i haven’t heard of him, but perhaps one of kc comics artists who read this blog has and can contact him to do some art!
    writing a script is the easy part – getting it drawn (or drawing it yourself) is the tough one.
    unless you’re rob schamberger.

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