Halloween 2008

So, a few months ago we asked Ro what he wanted to be for Halloween this year. He pondered for a few moments then said, “Yoda.” Yoda? We didn’t even know how he knew about Yoda – but Yoda it was. Sarah mail-ordered him a cool little Yoda outfit. To fit the theme, a friend of hers let us borrow a Princess Leia outfit for Bebe.

Of course neither worked out.

Ro wasn’t too into his Yoda mask so he just wore the Jedi robes and was a young (way young) Obi-Wan, as played by a young (way young) Ewan McGregor:

From Halloween 08

The Leia outfit dwarfed Bebe, so we had a backup pumpkin outfit for her (which I will search Sarah’s camera for a photo – I didn’t have one on mine).

So we dressed the kids up for their Parents As Teachers play group and went trick-or-treating there. Fun times.

Come Halloween night and Bebe’s sick. She sleeps through the chaos that is Halloween in Westheight Manor. And once Ro saw Sarah’s makeup kit he said forget Yoda, forget jedis. I’m going to be a maniac replicant:

From Halloween 08
From Halloween 08

When asked who he was, he screamed “ROCK BAND!”

Sarah painted her face up nice and purty and took Ro around the neighborhood before coming back to help me hand out candy to children too scared to come up to our door (where I awaited in a cloud of smoke in a skeletal mask with a voice modulator – and a bottle of beer hidden behind the door).

From Halloween 08

This was the newest addition to our decor this year, although it likely went unnoticed by most as it sits in our foyer:

From Halloween 08
Halloween 2008

2 thoughts on “Halloween 2008

  1. russellorama says:

    Aw man…I should’ve trick-or-treated at your house! The kids were either very skittish or way too polite this year, I couldn’t get any of them to take any candy, even when I left a big bucket of it on the doorstep unattended! What’s wrong with kids today…yeesh! *shaking my fist*


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