Voting the way we do

If Democrats want to understand what makes people vote Republican, they must first understand the full spectrum of American moral concerns. They should then consider whether they can use more of that spectrum themselves. The Democrats would lose their souls if they ever abandoned their commitment to social justice, but social justice is about getting fair relationships among the parts of the nation. This often divisive struggle among the parts must be balanced by a clear and oft-repeated commitment to guarding the precious coherence of the whole. America lacks the long history, small size, ethnic homogeneity, and soccer mania that holds many other nations together, so our flag, our founding fathers, our military, and our common language take on a moral importance that many liberals find hard to fathom.

Unity is not the great need of the hour, it is the eternal struggle of our immigrant nation. The three Durkheimian foundations of ingroup, authority, and purity are powerful tools in that struggle. Until Democrats understand this point, they will be vulnerable to the seductive but false belief that Americans vote for Republicans primarily because they have been duped into doing so.

Voting the way we do

3 thoughts on “Voting the way we do

  1. David says:

    You are all angry bitter people and I feel sorry for you. You must wake in the morning with noting to look forward to. I see most of you upset because you see people who are successful in life and you wonder why that is not you. Some of you must spend hours a day hoping someone will come along to redistribute wealth between the rich and the poor. I cannot fathom the amount of loathing you must feel for anyone who doesn’t lift up the ideals of global warming, Al Gore, public transpiration, Socialism, Che Guevara, Castro, or Nom Chomsky. I suppose it can only be matched for the distained haltered you must feel for George W, Judge Clarence Thomas, Sara Palin, the military and the United States.

    Well heed my advice; stop feeling sorry for yourselves, stop blaming others for your short falls, pull yourselves out of the mess your in and grow up. Because you might think your smarter than everyone else, but your not. If you were you would not be in the mess your in. Che Guevara and Castro were murdering socialist thugs, Al Gore is a liar who makes bad movies, and global warming is just another scam. Don’t look to others to solve your problems, especially a Chicago land politicians thug that was made from the mold of Mayor Daily.


  2. jdoublep says:

    1 ) Who are “you all”?
    2 ) I wake up every morning to a beautiful wife and two wonderful children. I look forward to a decent future for all of them – which is why the state of this country under the Bush Administration bothers me greatly.
    3 ) Define your notion of “success”. By my standards, I am quite successful.
    4 ) I don’t want wealth redistributed. Interesting though, isn’t it, how that’s what’s occurring right now with the U.S. financial markets? A bit Socialist, no?
    5 ) Climate change is a fact. Deal with it. Al Gore is a nice guy. I don’t know what “public transpiration” is. Some kind of group sweating movement? Socialism is a fine theory – just like Capitalism. On paper they both make strong cases. In practice, both are flawed because people are flawed. Che Guevara had good intentions, but took the wrong path toward realizing them. Castro is a schmuck. I’ve love to see you debate Noam Chomsky (though I place him on no pedestals).
    6 ) What is “distained haltered”? Nevertheless, George W. is a putz – and an uneducated putz, to boot. He’s done great, great work in Africa and deserves to be known for that. But he’s also made terrible mistakes across the board in almost every single are of policy and administrative practice. Clarence Thomas is OK, though a bit rigid when it comes to applying Originalist theory (but I suppose that’s the point). Sarah Palin is not ready to be VP (and sort of self-righteous about being selected, it seems). This week marks the first time she’s met a foreign leader. She’s a Republican tactic – yet proving a successful one. The military is fine. It’s the person leading the military who’s the douche. The U.S. is fine, too. We have our good and bad points. I don’t focus on the good points of our country because those things don’t need fixed.
    7 ) Your advice is well-heeded. I don’t feel sorry for myself. I don’t blame others for my shortcomings (except when I’m taxed to save lying, cheating, greedy, capitalist-pig, investment firms). I’m not really in a mess. Truth be told, I don’t want to grow up. That’s terrible, terrible advice to dole out.
    8 ) I don’t think I’m smarter than everyone else. I certainly don’t think I’m smarter than Noam Chomsky (but that doesn’t mean I agree with him hands-down).
    9 ) I’m not really in a mess. See #2.
    10 ) Che and Castro were murdering socialist thugs. I don’t see them as the paragon of good leaders. We’ve got some murdering capitalist thugs running wild in our country today who are far from paragons themselves. Al Gore is no more a liar than any other politician. I haven’t seen his film. Climate change is a fact. Free markets are a scam.
    11 ) I have to look to others to help solve my problems. We have a form of government called a Democracy whereby we have the duty to elect those who we feel are better suited than others to solve our and our country’s problems.

    Now I offer you some advice of my own: Relax, homie. The article linked to above is interesting and that’s that. It’s not a pinko-commie screed. Frankly, your comment has you coming off as a far-too-typical, stick-your-head-in-the-stand-and-cry-SOCIALIST! kind of right-winger. I’m sure you’ve got more going on than that, but the type of rant you spit above isn’t any way to get people to listen to you (let alone be swayed by any argument you may feel you have). So, please, stop feeling sorry for us (whoever “we” are), take a deep breath, realize that though I/we differ politically from you/them I/we likely want the same things from my/our life and country as you/them- albeit I/we would prefer different means to achieve those ends, especially since it seems that in your/their world, in order to achieve those ends you/them require support of: Palin’s ineptitude, Bush’s moral blinders, markets without consequence for poor business decisions and ethics, and a fervent, unquestioning nationalism.


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