Pres Prediction #1

Oct. 2 – VP Debates in the STL – Biden will clearly outshine Palin. This, however, will serve to further endear many people to Palin. In fact, many will actually comment that they felt sorry for her up there, that she was out of her league. Despite this, we will see yet another favorable bump in the polls for her ticket. Why? I can’t quite pin down why, but after the last week and a half of paying attention to the way in which many of her supporters say or imply, “I trust her,” (though I’m doubtful most had even heard of her up until 3 weeks ago) I’m inclined to chalk up my prediction mostly to inherent human irrationality.

Pres Prediction #1

4 thoughts on “Pres Prediction #1

  1. The debates, I hope, are going to be where Obama and Biden call the GOP on their lying. Most people haven’t really started paying attention to the race yet, and the debates (and the media narrative created afterward which will frame everything until election day) will be where the masses will start looking at the candidates closely.

    Or I could be wrong. The Limbaugh/Hannity types will spin their best to make out any hits scored against Palin to be unfair and cruel, of course.


  2. i guess what i’m saying is that i don’t think the feelings of unfairness are going to be limited to people on the far Right. i think Right-leaning Centrists are going to succumb to feelings over facts here.
    unfortunately, where i’m heading is: i see the Palin story growing in the public’s mind towards an inevitable conclusion – that of victory over the Establishment, nevermind any experiential shortcomings. (and, this summer i probably would have made note that Obama’s story shares many similarities, what with all the hype surrounding him. but i think the hype has died down considerably there. perhaps the same will happen with Palin over the next month – and we can see what she’s really about.)


  3. Where the left side has gone wrong is making this a race between Obama and Palin. By pitting the top of their ticket against the bottom of the GOP ticket, they’ve played into McCain’s hand. By pointing out Palin’s inexperience, they’re also drawing attention to Obama’s.


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