Did anyone else think it ironic

that last night, during the RNC, the title song from Footloose played?

(a song…from a film…about a town…where rock music and dancing have been banned…by a loony evangelical)

Perhaps McCain is the Bacon to Lithgowian Bush?

At any rate, now that both parties’ nominations are official – I’m ready to play political gadfly.

The story thus far:
McCain – was he playing politics from last Nov. through the convention simply to secure his party’s backing? Because he doesn’t really sound like the McCain I had grown to love over the past 10 years. (Well, the stay-in-Iraq-until-everything’s-obliterated stance I never really loved.) Nevertheless, I’ll hold out for the debates to see how far back to the center he moves.
Palin – Would you want this woman as your president should McCain’t-you-see-I’m-pretty-frackin’-old-and-might-up-and-kick-the-bucket actually up and kick the bucket? Please do tell me why you think that’s a proper move.

Obama – goodness, I want to like him – but I don’t. I think he’s a fine politician and I’ve plumbed the depths of his website to dig up actual policy – and though you wouldn’t know it by his speeches, by god, it’s there…and well-considered (visit his site, click the “Issues” link then scroll to the bottom – there’s plenty of additional, detailed, supporting documentation to the “At-a-glance” features of the website). I still don’t really like him.
Biden – rocks. I can see why some folks wondered how Barack “Uber-Agent of Change” Obama could pick a true, Washington veteren as his running mate – but it makes sense to me. It’s an expected political move to counter the “lack of experience” haters. Plus, Biden has an awesome sense of humor, which is appreciated in a person helping to run a country.

McCain attempted a similar move choosing Palin: she’s a breath of political fresh air come to liven up the GOP – but seriously, I ask you, Palin as President? So, I think that move backfired – however much it did to spark up enthusiasm at the RNC itself.

Gonna be a good, fun race. And since I don’t think McCain is the utter, worthless douche of a nutsack that is Bush, I likely won’t feel like my country stabbed itself in the eye with a salt-coated chopstick should he get elected come November. Though I do want B-Rock to school him.

The Buzz is hosting a Rock-the-Vote thingamajig this Sunday, the 7th, down in the Power & White District with a bunch of bands I’ve never heard of because I’m too busy listening to The Presets latest. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

Did anyone else think it ironic

3 thoughts on “Did anyone else think it ironic

  1. Dodo and I both commented on the Footloose song…and the fact that as he was near the end of his speech talking about literacy…the camera panned the crowd and there was a sign being held up that had some misspellings…Oh – and did you catch the Amish guy in the crowd when they were making their way around the front after the balloon release…I thought it was a start to a Catholic, Amish, Rabbi Republican joke…it was actually very weird.


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