Devious Parenting

So, Ro’s no longer into veggies. Anything green and sitting on his plate goes by the name, “Yucky”. Today, I pointed at some new potatoes and asked him what they were. His reply: “Poo-poo”. To one-up him, yesterday I put Finding Nemo in the player and let him watch while I steamed broccoli. After the steamage, I used our Pampered Chef Mega Chop-o-matic to mince the broccoli into a fine powder. Whenceforth came the deviousity: I then made a grilled cheese sandwich (I make ’em yum) and before putting on the top slice of bread, I slathered on a rather thick layer of my china flake broccoli. Grilled to perfection and dripping cheese, I sliced ‘er up and served to my unsuspecting son. He got about half a sandwich in him before pulling apart the bread, seeing the green, declaring “Yucky”, looking at the rest of his sandwich, taking a drink of water, and saying “I done. I want Nemo.”
Today, whilst on poop watch, Momma Bear confirmed traces of green.
Mission Accomplished.

Devious Parenting

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