So it’s March 10th

…and we have a beautiful baby girl in arms. We actually took off again around 12:30am this morning, got to the hospital at 12:50 and had baby at 1:24. No time for any pain meds. Sarah got her robe on. The nurse checked her. The doc showed up 10 mins later. 15 mins after that – SPLAT! 7lbs, 13oz, 20 inches of sweet monkeyness. Photos galore to come. Little baby is healthy, pink, and all-too-ready to suckle upon the teat.

Jen B., you must’ve dropped some crazy hoodoo on my wife when we saw you at Chipotle yesterday.

So it’s March 10th

9 thoughts on “So it’s March 10th

  1. FlyGuy says:


    Congratulations… You want to know something really crazy… I knew you had the baby before I even check your blog… I had a dream about it last night! I mean it, I really just checked the blog this morning to see if my dream was true… and it was…. weird!

    Oh, and does Baby Girl Prue have a name?

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