Introducing: Beatrix Ninja Maxine Preu

The family’s already calling her B-Max.

We gave her “Ninja” as a middle name because she busted out some Shinobi super-moves on her mom’s womb. Her first name is in tribute to Beatrix Kiddo, super-heroine extraordinaire and another undisputed master of moves most destructive.

Ro-Dog, in big brother mode.


Introducing: Beatrix Ninja Maxine Preu

16 thoughts on “Introducing: Beatrix Ninja Maxine Preu

  1. Oana DimoJack says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! and she’s born on my birthday, so I know she’s gotta be one cool little pisces kiddo. I am very happy for you guys, tell Sarah I wish her well and congrats once again.


  2. Summie says:

    Oh my GOD, she’s so gorgeous, as is your entire family, that I MUST PROCREATE RIGHT NOW in celebration. Cheers and spermination!


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