Way Back Whensday

What we were listening to…

5 years ago

10 years ago

20 years ago (One of my most-favorite albums ever)

Original video shot by Cohen and his then girlfriend can be seen here. (Stupid embedding disabled…)

(fan-made video…not very interesting)

(oh, samantha mathis, what a crush i had upon thee…)

(i don’t know what this is)


(dull fan-made video. just close your eyes and listen.)

Yup, that’s the entire album plus some extras. What a gem.

Way Back Whensday

3 thoughts on “Way Back Whensday

  1. because this post is thematic and your video was one of the few that used the song i needed to fit that theme. the uninteresting part stems from the way you chose to simply flash your selected images one after another instead of managing a creative transition or even showing us those images in any way synched to the music. also, a number of the images you use i found hard to relate to cohen’s words and music. i don’t think it’s a bad video by any means, just didn’t find it terribly compelling.


  2. that I can agree with but as I said this one was my very first so maybe I’ll do it again soon but more carefully 🙂 this song is worth of this I think 🙂 take care


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