On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – The Brick

Just look at these:

That’s what we looked at last Friday for lunch at The Brick. Wow. If I could judge The Brick’s fish and chips on presentation alone, dammit, they’d take the cake. Buuut, they weren’t as magical as they appeared. The major downer for this dish was slime. I contend it was batter slime – that is, the batter was crispy as a mofo on the outside, but next to the fish it was still uncooked dough. My beaufitul wife thinks it was fish slime. I spent a good minute poking and prodding the cod, and since this is my blog, we’re going with batter slime. But the next time you eat there you can let me know your thoughts. At any rate, big turnoff so a low rating there. Actually, it turned Sarah off so much that I had to finish her portion. She didn’t mind much though since we’d also ordered the most delicious provolone cheese sticks ever which, coupled with a Boulevard Wheat, were like melty manna from the gods of Uttervania. I imagine these sticks of cheesy yumyums are hand-rolled in sassyfrass-and-sunshine seasoned bread crumbs. Goddamn, they were perfect.
The fish und chips comes with some very tasty and more-than-likely-hand-cut fries and a side of standard tartar. One great surprise was that The Brick serves with their fish and chips London Pub Olde English Malt Vinegar, not Heinz. That’s grand.
At any rate, fish and chips that’ll do in a pinch, but not KC’s perfect. Ratings viewable here.
Ah, one other item to note about this meal. It brought with it (how shall I put this?) quite the barnacle-based breaking of the winds. So bear this in mind if you’re grabbing a nibble on your lunch break and have to head back to your cube farm in the PM. Your co-workers might be wondering who showered themselves in Eau de Ranque Hoor over the noon hour.

On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – The Brick

10 thoughts on “On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – The Brick

  1. Chuck says:

    Not a big fish and chips eater but I thought I would let you know that Charlie Hoopers has a decent fish and chips (fries) you might want to add to your listing of places to critique.

  2. it was totally fish slime. i think what we were dealing with here was not a hand-battered selection of planks btw. there’s a very good chance that slime was the byproduct of less than fresh fish and questionable freezing techniques. Exhibit A in favor of fish slime vs. batter slime: intestinal pain like a deep-fried brick to the gut.

    i will say that the fries (not chips, let’s be truthful) were exemplary in their potato flavor and lack of extraneous salt. this is why i believe them to be hand cut. they were limp and lacked crispness, so i can’t wholly recommend them, but for potato flavor alone, i give you props, sous chefs of the Brick. Kudos.

  3. javagirl says:

    Okay – get your butts out to Portland will you? Fish ‘n Chips abound out here because of all of
    the foreigners flocking to this side of the country…plus you will also get FRESH fish with your fish ‘n chips!
    Plus you always have a choice of cod (okay in my book) or halibut (which is oh so much better). I know, I
    know – this is about KC best fish ‘n chips…but I’m trying to get you guys to visit…

  4. Will says:

    FYI, I saw you had some chains on there, you really should try the Salmon & Chips from Red Robin, it’s the best thing there. Chips are iffy at best though…

  5. Alan Birch says:

    Truth is, there is no decent fish and chips in Kansas City. Zero. Giant slab of haddock needs to have salt and “sauce” and wrapped up in newspaper to go. The closest thing to real fish and chips in Kansas City is a Bryant’s sandwich and fries to go.
    To get real fish and chips, you have to go to any one of a 100 “chippies” in Edinbourough, Scotland.

  6. oh man, i want to go to a ‘chippie’. I’ve also had salmon fish n chips in other cities and adored it. i didn’t know any of the chains locally had it on the menu, however, so thanks for the tip Will!

    i think what we’ve learned so far is that Kansas City needs its own ‘chippie’. I never thought my life’s calling would be sweating over a fryer all day, but if it must be done, then it must be done.

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