On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – 75th Street Brewery

Tonight, we hit 75 Street for fish and chips.
I didn’t know The Pitch had an award for Best Fish & Chips, but I can see why these guys took the cake in ’06.
First, KC is lucky to have a place like 75th Street Brewery. Their beer is grand and I want to drink it all day long.
Second, their fish and chips are grand as well.

Let’s get to the scores:
1) flavor: 8, just what a fish batter should be: beer-laden, dark brown, and lip-smackingly good.
2) crispiness: 9, maaaad crunch!
3) fish:batter: 9, 3 small, but thick pieces of cod perfectly wrapped in just the right amount of batter.
4) batter’s ability to retain crisp: 7, incredible. this is a really high score and i swear i put on 1/4 of malt and still got a crunch.
5) oil:food: 8, only a couple finger-wipes necessary.
6) lack of fish slime: 10, cooked to perfection.
additional info:
sides: fries (not chips), very tasty, but not really fat chips. a very small side of basic and not-too-mayo-heavy-slaw, and a very light and tart tartar.
price: 10.95.

we enjoyed a bowl of onion dill soup before (yum) and my fish and chips went down most famously with a big pint of Abbey Ale, served just slightly below room temp. goddamn, this was a good meal.

ok. we’ve got quite a few more places to hit. i’ve got my tracking sheet up here for your reference. so far, 75th Street is the place to beat (and i think it’s going to be hard). oh, not to mention, 75th street has boutique fish and chips! in addition to the standard cod dish, they serve a $16 plate of Alaskan halibut and a creole catfish varietal.

[and they’re kid-friendly:

On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – 75th Street Brewery

4 thoughts on “On a quest for KC’s perfect fish and chips – 75th Street Brewery

  1. Balm Squad says:

    I’ve never been a huge fish enthusiast, but I tried 75th’s F&C about a year ago, and they were truly outstanding. Coddamnit, you’re making me crave a good ole’ fashioned fish fry. My company takes us down to Beaver Lake once a year, and the striper is amazing. Nothing like that taste of fatty, crispy goodness when the seasoning’s just right.

    Jen and I will have a chance to taste seafare in its proper environment in less than a month when we hit Seattle. Sushi and salmon, your ass is mine.


  2. B. says:

    DUUUUUUUUDE! Should get the Halibut NEXT time…truly divine. I’m not even really big on fish and chips, but hell…they can’t be beat. If you find a place that beats the regular Cod at 75th…make a return trip for a Rematch and get the Halibut.


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