so we wanted fish and chips for dinner

and sarah asks that i call mcfadden’s to see if it’d be a good idea to try to hit it during happy hour:

jdoublep: “hi, i’d like to bring my family in for dinner tonight and was curious if you have a dining area separate from your bar area.”
mf: “we have like 3 bars here.”
jdoublep: “ok, basically my concern is that i have a small child and would like to avoid the happy hour crowds, if possible.”
mf: “let me find someone who can help you.”
5 minutes later
mf: “our happy hour specials are:______________”
jdoublep: “ok. thanks for being a douche.”
mf: “wha-”

fish and chips will have to wait. i don’t feel like supporting idiocy tonight.

so we wanted fish and chips for dinner

10 thoughts on “so we wanted fish and chips for dinner

  1. dodo says:

    There’s this great place in Portland that has some really great fish & chips. So, next time you get the hankerin’….
    Seriously, they’re really good.


  2. […] I received a couple of suggestions for fish and chips a couple of weeks ago when i posted about the idiots answering the phones at Mcfadden’s. A while back, Sarah contacted IrishKC for his insight into the matter. Acting on one of those suggestions, we went to The Gaf Saturday night for fish and chips. First: Since McBride’s (the good one by the Speedway and former home of my favorite KC fish and chips) went under, weve been desperate for good fish and chips and a somewhat passable simulacrum of an Irish pub. The Gaf’s clientele (at least on this particular saturday night around 5:30) was blissfully older (60+) and we felt at home as soon as we walked in. Sarah said it reminded her of her favorite hangouts in downtown Milwaukee (which must be experienced to be understood, and is truly a compliment). Let’s get to the fish and chips: […]


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